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Kaneasha Starr has over 20 years of experience in hair and hair care. She received a License in  Cosmetology from Pivot Point International in 2005. Kaneasha has always had a passion for hair and hair care. Even as a teenager, she kept her mom and four sisters' hair stylish and classy at all times. Kaneasha Starr continued her career in multiple hair salons and later obtained a Cosmetology Instructor License.  She has landed at her own Salon Suite in Oak Brook, IL with serving so many women dealing with alopecia, hair loss, and damaged hair. She decided to focus on products that would assist her clients' hair growth journey. That’s when Starr Status Creations Root Stimulator & Growth hair product line was born because of her love and passion for hair care. Kaneasha Starr saw first-hand clients struggle with hair loss. She then committed herself to develop a product to help women and men grow stronger and healthier hair and regain confidence.


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Root Stimulator & Growth Kit

Starr Status Creations Root Stimulator and Growth kit includes Root Stimulator & Growth Shampoo, Root Stimulator & Growth Conditioner, Root Stimulator & Growth Oil and Stimulating Scalp Shampoo Brush, which are the essential products to provide fuller, longer and stronger hair.

Root Stimulator & Growth Oil

Our Root Stimulator & Growth Oil contains 20 different oils packed with vitamins, antioxidants and nutrients that effectively stimulate stronger and faster hair growth.


Starr Status Creations Root Stimulator and Growth Shampoo

Our Root Stimulation & Growth Shampoo is packed with all the essential oil of our Root Stimulation & Growth Oil used together will give you the double dose of care that your hair needs. A little goes a long way.

Starr Status Creations Root Stimulator and Growth Conditioner

Our Root Stimulation & Growth Conditioner is packed with the same essential oil of our Root Stimulation & Growth Oil. Used in conjunction with our Root Stimulation & Growth Shampoo and Oil is a triple threat to fighting hair loss. It leaves your hair soft and moisturized.


Hand-whipped Shea Butter

Our hand-whipped Shea Butter is a blend  of organic virgin shea butter, coconut oil and other skin nourishing oils whipped into a luscious cream that penetrates deeply to soothe, heal and pamper your skin.

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